iShare – a disruptive approach to vehicle sharing

The sharing economy is booming, also in response to the negative trend of the global economy in the past few years. The iShare project is strictly connected to the sharing economy in a mobility context. It aims at developing a disruptive approach for vehicle sharing, and is enabled by an innovative product, i.e., a smart keyholder box that is capable to store the car key and push the car key buttons to open and close the car’s doors by using robotic fingers. This product is coupled with a web and a mobile app platform to manage user authentication, security, booking, payment, community management, and all the administrative processes that are related to the car’s check-in and check-out.

iShare is a unique solution to private vehicle sharing, as i) it allows remote sharing of the key, i.e., with no need for owner and driver to meet in person, ii) it can be used with any car model, and iii) it does not require any expensive professional work for installation. Benefits are expected to fall on both car owners and car drivers.

Moreover, the use of the solution proposed by iShare will increase the average car occupancy rate, while, on the contrary, second-cars are expected to reduce drastically. This will result in i) a reduced air pollution and traffic in cities, ii) a reduced demand for parking spaces, and iii) a reduced city carbon footprint.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 762543